Wednesday, May 4, 2011

The World Geopark - China Yuntai Mountain

Yuntai Mountain is exceptionally outstanding for its mountains with the continuously sheer peaks and beautiful ridges in the whole scenic spot. Stepping on the aerial ladder with thousands of steps leading to Zhuyu peak (the main peak of Yuntai Mountain) with the altitude of 1308 meters and looking north from the top, peaks rise one after another and looking south, vast expanses of fertile land, chessboard-like fields and gardens and belt-like Yellow River refresh and gladden your heart.

Yuntai Mountain is remarkable for its waters, and you will meet a spring only walking three steps, and a waterfall only five steps and a pond only ten steps. Being the highest waterfall in China, Yuntai Heaven Waterfall with the drop of 314 meters is like a jade pillar holding the heaven up, the scene is so grand. Tianmen Waterfall, Huanglong Waterfall, Yazi Waterfall and Bailong Pond form Yuntai Mountain’s unique waterfall landscapes. Multihole Spring, Pearl Spring and Bright Moon Spring are crystal-clear and sweet. Qinglong Gorge scenic spot in Yuntai Mountain has the good reputation of “The Best Gorge in China” with unique climate, rich water resources and completely original plants, so it is a wonderful getaway of ecotourism.

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