Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Milk, Salt and Ginger Work Wonders on Your Trip

In summer, many people have travel plans, and when you pack your bags, why not stuff a couple of boxes of milk, a small packet of salt and a few pieces of gingers into backpacks? These small items taking up much less space will work wonders on your trip.

Exhausted from a long travel to come to a new environment, tourists tend to be a little tired and have poor appetite. Even facing the local cuisine, you may also be not in the mood to enjoy them. You’d better drink a cup of milk, because it is rich in protein, which can be quickly absorbed by the body so as to replenish energy and recover physical strength, in this way there is sufficient energy to climb mountain and ford the river.

Come to a new place, you are sure to enjoy the local fruits, but washing them without using detergent inevitably will make you a little worried, then salt comes in handy. Add some salt when washing fruits can take an effect of disinfection and dissolve the pesticides on the surface of the fruits. In hot summer, many people like to wear sandals barefoot, and the feet are naturally coated with a lot of dust after travel the whole-day, putting your feet in the salt water at night can not only release your fatigue but also kill germs. In addition, if you suffer from bleeding gum or sore throat cause by hotness, gargling with light salt water can ease you. 

Many people know to use ginger to prevent motion sickness on the trip. In fact, ginger is also a good medicine for treatment of burn. Whether it is caused by hot water or fire even the blister has been broken, just applying the blister with ginger juice a few times can make it heal. In addition, if you are not accustomed to a new environment and feel sick, holding some ginger in your mouth can make you soon ease.

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