Sunday, May 15, 2011

What You Can Not Carry When Travel Abroad?

1. The Products of Dairy, Egg and Meat
A tourist once traveled to Australia and conveniently placed in his luggage a box of instant noodle, when he got through customs, the staff opened the instant noodle and took out the seasoning bag containing meat then returned to him, because Australian customs prohibit visitors from carrying dairy products, egg products and meat products except New Zealand’s milk products. Australia and New Zealand check very strictly to the goods entering country.

2. Fruits
Many tourists like to carry some fruits for slaking thirst on the way. But once they get to the destination, these fruits must be thrown away. At the airport of Australia and New Zealand, dogs sure come in handy. No luggage containing fruits can escape from dog’s nose. In addition, a fine may be imposed according to the weight of the fruits you carry, maximum 3000 Dollar A.

3. Drugs
With some countries’ drug high in price, tourists will carry some drugs when travel abroad. But most countries have strict rules on drugs. Australia and New Zealand don’t allow visitors to bring Chinese herbal medicine and Western medicine should be carried moderately base on length of stay.

4. Alcohol
With the European countries’ alcohol, tobacco high in price, some visitors like to carry some. But European countries and Singapore check strictly to them. When travel to Europe, one can only carry 200 cigarettes and 1 litter of alcohol.

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