Sunday, May 15, 2011

Useful Tips for People Planning to Travel During Long Holidays

The Stage of Preparation
Through the internet, travel agency or friends and family to have a grasp of the situation about travel for determining the approximate time and attractions, then objectively collect the relevant information such as the weather, transportation, accommodation, food, customs, attractions and local specialties of your destinations.

Manage Your Schedule
You should depend on the holiday schedule, your physical condition, attractions’ features, transportation and accommodation to manage your travel schedule. To take into account various contingencies, you should leave time to deal with although nothing happened.

Travel Expenses
To budget for your trip according to your holiday schedule and your own economic situation including transportation, accommodation, food, tickets, shopping and miscellaneous expenses. Set daily standard cost of a higher grade so as to hold back a sum to cover incidental expenses.

Confirm the Way of Travel
To confirm the way of travel based on individual interests, economic situation and attractions’ features. It’s more convenient to participate in group tours, and more free to have a self-guided tour.

Packing for Your Trip
Make sure that you carry the necessaries including the documents, communication tools, address book, necessary medicines, cosmetics, credit cards and cash. According to the destination’s situation of climate and attractions to prepare appropriate clothes and write a memorandum for convenience.

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