Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Mount Huang Travel Tips

1. September and October is tourist peak month of Mount Huang. So, if conditions permit, you’d better miss the peak period for enjoyment of the picturesque natural scenery body and soul.

2. The temperature in Mount Huang varies greatly between day and night, so take some thick clothes and always pay attention to the change in clothing in case of catching cold.

3. With large sightseeing spots, Mount Huang has many stories and legends, so if you travel by yourself, you’d better follow the group tour, so as not to miss any landscape. 

4. Generally, it will take 2 days to travel in Mount Huang. With the high price of food and accommodation and the poor conditions on the mountains, you should take some food supplying energy. In addition, self-guided visitors must book rooms on the mountain in advance.

5. You must pay attention to safety when travel in Mount Huang, never walk as you appreciate the scenery.

6. Dress in loose and warm clothing and put on sneaker. Before climbing mountain, you’d better prepare a walking stick in case of lack of physical strength.

7. Lean forwards when you climb mountain and move forward at the same speed so as to save energy.

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