Friday, May 20, 2011

Scientifically Eat Crab in Autumn

Among the various forms of cooking, steamed crab is the most popular, because it can protect the crab’s original nutrition and flavor. Put the crab in the fresh water till disgorging sands and before putting in the steamer, open the cover of the crab and remove its viscus such as hairy kidney and evacuating organs. Do not eat the crab’s heart, black film and crystal -like objects.

With the cold nature, the crab can not be eaten together with cold food, persimmon and banana so as not to cause protein coagulation, resulting in intestinal spasm.

If you can not eat all of them you buy, be sure to put the rest in the fresh water with 0 to 8 Celsius so that they can live for a long time.
There are three ways to choose good crab.
First, check the weight. If 5 crabs weigh only a kilo, showing it is not the authentic lake crab.

Second, check the crab’s navel and feet hair. Fat crab generally has the features of protruding navel and heavy feet hair.

Third, check the crab’s spirit. You can turn over the crab, if it can turn back itself, showing it has strong vitality.

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