Sunday, May 15, 2011

How to Choose Sunscreen Before Travel in Autumn

1. What type is your skin?
Before buying the sunscreen, you must clearly know your skin type and if you are not sure about that, do an accurate skin test. People with oily skin should choose water-based sunscreen with strong penetration. People with dry skin should choose the cream-like sunscreen. There is no strict rule for normal skin, and lotion-like sunscreen is suitable for all skin types.

2. Choose your ideal sunscreen according to the SPF value.
You should choose the sunscreen according to SPF value. Generally, the higher of the SPF value is, the greater protection will be given to skin. People with common complexion are suitable to use the sunscreen of SPF8 to 12. People with a fair complexion are suitable to use it of SPF30. People who are allergic to sunlight should use it of SPF12 to 20.

3. How to test the sunscreen?
How to know if the sunscreen you are going to buy is suitable for you? The best way is to apply your wrist with the sunscreen. If there are itch, erythema, swelling and pain on your wrist during 10 minutes, which shows that you have allergy to the product, you’d better abandon the brand of the sunscreen.

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