China Silk Road

Silk Road was actually a web of caravan tracks that starts in the old capital of and Xi'an, passing through south and central Asia and winding its way along the east coast of the Mediterranean Sea to Rome. One extremely important trade item was silk among other goods like gold, precious metals and stones, ivory, spices, tea, paper, textiles and chinaware.
China Silk Road Map

What Special of China Silk Road?
First Station – Urumqi, Xinjiang
Attractions: Heaven Lake, Nanshan Pasture

Heaven Lake

Nanshan Pasture

Second Station – Turpan, Xinjiang
Location: 180 km away from Urumqi
Attractions: Grape Valley Resort, Flaming Mountain, Kariz, Gaochang Ruins, Jiaohe Ruins

Grape Valley Resort

Flaming Mountain

Gaochang Ruins
Jiaohe Ruins

Third Station – Hami, Xinjiang
Location: 560 km away from Turpan
Attractions: Hami Ghost City (90 km from Hami city), Lanzhou Wanzi

Hami Ghost City
Lanzhou Wanzi
Fourth Station – Dunhuang, Gansu
Location: 430 km away from Hami
Attraction: Dunhuang Mogao Grottoes (25 km from Dunhuang), Crescent Spring and Mingsha Mountain (5 km from Dunhuang), Yang Guan Pass (70km from Dunhuang), Jade Gate Pass (120 km from Dunhuang)

Yang Guan Pass
Jade Gate Pass

Fifth Station – Jiuquan, Gansu
Location: 385 km away from Dunhuang
Attraction: Yulin Grottoes
Yulin Grottoes
Sixth Station – Zhangye, Gansu
Location: 200 km away from Jiuquan
Attractions: Giant Buddha Temple, Muta Temple

Giant Buddha Temple

Muta Temple

Seventh Station – Wuwei, Gansu
Location: 260 km away from Zhangye
Attractions: Confucius Temple, Leitai Tomb of Han Dynasty

Confucius Temple

Leitai Tomb of Han Dynasty

Eighth Station – Lanzhou, Gansu
Location: 280 km away from Wuwei
Attractions: White Pagoda Hill, Five Springs Mountain Park, Waterwheel Garden

White Pagoda Hill

Waterwheel Garden

Five Springs Mountain Park

Ninth Station – Tianshui, Gansu
Location: 360 km away from Lanzhou
Attractions: Fuxi Temple, Maiji Mountain Grottoes (40km from Tianshui), Nanguo Temple

Maiji Mountain Grottoes

Nanguo Temple

Tenth Station – Xi’an, Shannxi
Location: 260 km away from Tianshui
Attractions: Terra-Cotta Warriors, Xi’an Bell Tower, Big Wild Goose Pagoda, Xi’an City Wall

Terra-Cotta Warriors

Xi’an Bell Tower


Big Wild Goose Pagoda

Xi’an City Wall