Monday, August 1, 2011

Top Ten Foreigners’ Favorite Chinese Dishes

Among all palatable Chinese dishes, there are ten being appraised as the favorite dishes of foreigners.

Top 1 Sweet and Sour Chicken
There is no wonder that Sweet and Sour Chicken ranks first among the favorites dishes for its sweet and sour taste as well as bright color any one couldn’t resist.

Top 2 Kung Pao Chicken

Kung Pao Chicken is an authentic Chinese local dish and popular among foreigners. It is mentioned by all many people from different countries. In China, it is also a must-order dish on menu.

Top 3 Spring Roll

Spring Roll is also called spring pancake and thin pancake, popular in all parts of China, especially in South China. Apart from being eaten by the folk households as daily food, the Spring Roll is also for receiving guests. Be means of delicious taste and dainty appearance, Spring Roll is listed as foreigners’ favorable food.

Top 4 Fry Rice

It was said that in a state visit, Li Hongzhang who was a major official during the late Qing Dynasty ordered his chef to cook a food catering to Chinese and the foreigners. The clever chef chose to cook the fry rice. This dish suiting both refined and popular tastes was praised by all diplomats.

Top 5 Mapo Beancurd
In China, no other cuisine could compare with Sichuan Cuisine in the use of pepper. As mentioning Sichuan Cuisine, people might think of the word “Spicy”. Among all typical spicy dishes of Sichuan Cuisine, Mapo Beancurd has to be referred. It is popular among Chinese and foreigners.

Top 6 Dumpling
In the eyes of Chinese people, dumping is a rather tasty dish and plays an important role in Chinese food. The fillings for dumpling range differently and nearly reflect the essence of Chinese culture. When visiting China, the foreign visitors are always offered with dumpling. Gradually, dumpling becomes a food able to represent China. Similar to dumpling, fried dumpling is also welcomed in other countries.

Top 7 Dumpling Soup
From the name of Dumpling soup, we know that the dish is closely related to dumpling. The difference between them is the appearance. The dumpling that has less fillings and more wrapper and is placed in soup is called dumpling soup.

Top 8 Roast Duck
Roast Duck has outstanding reputation and long history. Nearly each foreign visitor to Beijing might taste the Roast Duck. In China, the Quanjude Roast Duck may be the most popular. The visitors could eat it in travelling Beijing.

Top 9 Chow Mein
Comparing to other foods mentioned above, Chow Mein is less known by the foreigners. Nevertheless, under the influence of Cantonese in China, lots of foreigners know Chow Mein and begin to love this kind of local Chinese food. The Cantonese makes great contribution to changing the traditional food to cater to the foreigners’ tastes.

Top 10 Fried Shrimps with Cashew Nuts
Shrimps have rich nutrition and soft meat as well as are easily to be digested. Fried with cashew nuts, shrimps are helpful for protecting people’s cardiovascular system and prevent angiocardiopathy. Thus, the fried shrimps with cashew nuts become the hot choices of the foreign travelers.

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