Monday, March 28, 2011

Why Women in the Qing Dynasty Wear Flowerpot-sole Shoes?

Why Women in the Qing Dynasty Wear High Soled Shoes (Flowerpot-sole Shoes)?
Women from the Manchu ethnic group liked to wear long dresses but found it inconvenient to walk. Thus, they added a special kind of thick sole under their shoes. The sole looked like flowerpots, so they were called flowerpot-sole shoes. According to legend, they made a rhythmic sound that would drive bad animals away. Another reason for wearing the flowerpot-sole shoes was that they supposedly made women slimmer and more coquettish.

Chinese Cheongsam

Cheongsam - Interpreting Chinese Women Characteristic Gentleness, Sex Appeal and Elegance
Cheongsam, once women dress in Qing dynasty and later improved to modern women dress, is often used as evening dress nowadays. The feminine beauty of Cheongsam is the straight-long and close-fitting cutting, and the sexy exposure of legs and arms.

From pattern cutting to material, Cheongsam changed with time. Body shape figured out by its close-fitting and straight long cutting. The exposure of arm was appealing sexually.

Fashion Cheongsam is simple-look and a very elegant evening dress in parties or any event. Cheongsam changed, yet its design concept is as just likely as that in Qing dynasty.