Tuesday, May 31, 2011

National Geological Park-Longwan Village

Taking a bird's-eye view from the mountain pass, the mud houses of Longwan Village are well-spaced with smoke curling upward from kitchen chimneys, the even crops look like the woven fabric and fruit trees grow thick. But the scene on the other side of the river is quite different with the rolling hills and the wasted desert.

Longwan Village surrounded by the stone forest has become the National Geological Park, perfect integrating the oasis, farm village, the Yellow River, stone forest, desert and Gobi and attracting more and more visitors from home and abroad.

No trip is completed without a visit to Yinmagou Grand Canyon. You can go to the wharf in the east of the village to take the motorboat, only 2 kilometers away from your destination.

The stone forest in the Yellow River is even more tremendous than Yunnan due to the striking combination of mountain and water. On the top of the hill at the end of Yinmagou, there is a viewing platform, where you can have a bird view of the whole stone forest and no wonder it is so popular for photographers.

Longwan Village-a Fabulous World

Longwan Village might be a place you've never heard, because it is only a remote mountain village on the Yellow River. But it is a familiar place, where many China famous films were made and is what the theme song of the film Myth sung by Hong Kong movie star Jackie Chan and South Korean actress Kim Hee-sun describes. The film makes you experience the splendor of its scenery, and in the real life, the place will bring you to a fabulous world.

The length of the formidable Yellow River flowing across in Gansu province is the shortest, but on the point of entering Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region, the river encounters a small village, where is Longwan Village in the southeast of Jingtai county and 139 kilometers away from Lanzhou city.

As we all know, the torrential currents of the Yellow River flow towards the east. However, the people of Langwan Village can proudly say: “We have a Yellow River flowing towards the west.”

If you go to the village in winter, you will be amazed to the views here. The Yellow River beneath the hill turns out to be green with white riverside, forming a sharp contrast. The unmelted white ice looks like a picture frame, recording the astonished beauty. Occasionally on the river, there are some small islands or sandbars, which are like white crystal balls floating on the blue wall-like surface, very charming.

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Chishui Danxia in China-World Heritage Cultural Landscape

Chishui has a striking combination of natural landscapes and cultural landscapes and is indeed a rare tourist resort for global tourist who is always looking for the out of the ordinary. You can be freed from busy lives in the noisy and congested city, throwing yourself into the embrace of Mother Nature surrounded by waterfall, the sea of bamboo, Cyatheaceae, Danxia landform and virgin forest, or exploring the relics that Red Army soldiers on the Long March left to feel their spirit of perseverance.

Chishui Danxia landform is known throughout the world for its area of more than 1000 square kilometers. The gorgeous red cliff, lonely peak and narrow ridge, grotesque mountains, odd stones, huge caves and the beautiful Danxia canyons, green forest, flying waterfall contrast finely with each other, having high ornamental value.

When the golden sunshine through rain beats down on the Danxia rocks, the red rocks look like the shy cheek of a maiden. In addition, there is an exceptionally outstanding Danxia odd stone, 20 kilometers away from the south of Chishui city, aptly named Alien with a lifelike form. Staying in the untraversed mountain forest, maybe it is a real visitor from outer space.

Longwan Village in China-National Geological Park

Taking a bird's-eye view from the mountain pass, the mud houses of Longwan Village are well-spaced with smoke curling upward from kitchen chimneys, the even crops look like the woven fabric and fruit trees grow thick. But the scene on the other side of the river is quite different with the rolling hills and the wasted desert.

Longwan Village surrounded by the stone forest has become the National Geological Park, perfect integrating the oasis, farm village, the Yellow River, stone forest, desert and Gobi and attracting more and more visitors from home and abroad.

No trip is completed without a visit to Yinmagou Grand Canyon. You can go to the wharf in the east of the village to take the motorboat, only 2 kilometers away from your destination.

The stone forest in the Yellow River is even more tremendous than Yunnan due to the striking combination of mountain and water. On the top of the hill at the end of Yinmagou, there is a viewing platform, where you can have a bird view of the whole stone forest and no wonder it is so popular for photographers.

Longwan Village in China

The length of the formidable Yellow River flowing across in Gansu province is the shortest, but on the point of entering Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region, the river encounters a small village, where is Longwan Village in the southeast of Jingtai county and 139 kilometers away from Lanzhou city.

As we all know, the torrential currents of the Yellow River flow towards the east. However, the people of Langwan Village can proudly say: “We have a Yellow River flowing towards the west.”

If you go to the village in winter, you will be amazed to the views here. The Yellow River beneath the hill turns out to be green with white riverside, forming a sharp contrast. The unmelted white ice looks like a picture frame, recording the astonished beauty. Occasionally on the river, there are some small islands or sandbars, which are like white crystal balls floating on the blue wall-like surface, very charming.

Ningxia Sand Lake Scenic Resort

Sand Lake Scenic Resort is named after the desert and lake with an area of about 667 hectare separately. The closely linked desert and lake look so particularly unusual. In 1952, an artificial river north of Yinchuan city irrigated the depression beside a sand dune, and after years of water rising, the depression finally became a freshwater lake. Today, the lake is covered with reed marshes nodding in the wind, representing a beautiful ornament to a large field of sand dune on the edge of the lake.

You can cross the dense reed marshes by the speeding boat and will startle from time to time a number of wild birds from a bird island at the other end of the lake. The island is a transfer station of birds of passage from Siberia and they will stay in the reed mashes then fly south.

Sand Lake Scenic Resort is a recreational center with all kinds of the sand-based games, such as camel riding, sand sliding and many colorful water sports, such as swimming, fishing, seaplane and skydiving, which will bring lots of fun to not only children but also men, therefore it becomes a holiday getaway.

Maiji Mountain Grottoes in China-Oriental Sculpture Gallery

Reputed as the “Oriental Sculpture Gallery”, Maiji Mountain Grottoes is located in Tianshui city of Gansu Province in China and named after the shape of grain stack. You will see at a distance the Buddha statues chiseled on the stone walls and figures like black beans on the cloister halfway up the mountain. When seeing at a close range, you’ll need more than a few moments to absorb the heart-stopping views of the vivid and spectacle mountain and be lost in admiration for ancestors’ matchless craftsmanship.

Most tourists tend to gravitate first towards the famed three Cliffside Buddha statues in east cliff, which are the sign of Maiji Mountain Grottoes. Buddha is in the middle with 16 meters height and Bodhisattva is on either side with the size smaller than the Buddha. Looking up at their feet, you will be shocked by the great stature. However, even more shocking than its stature is their solemn silence.

Damaged by many earthquakes and fires in history, Maiji Mountain Grottoes still preserve 194 grotto niches, more than 7800 clay sculptures and stone carvings, over a thousand square meters of mural paintings and 8 cliff cabinets.

Maiji Mountain Grottoes along with Dunhuang Mogao Grottoes, Henan Longmen Grottoes and Shanxi Yungang Grottoes are known as “China Four Major Grottoes”. Mogao Grottoes is famous for the mural paintings, Longmen and Yungang are famous for the stone sculptures and Maiji Mountain Grottoes is famous for the exquisite and unique sculptures. Plenty of grottoes, perfect sculptures and long-lasting time make it deserve the fame of Oriental Sculpture Gallery.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Kashi in Xinjiang-Give an Insight into the Uygur Custom

No trip to Xinjiang China is complete without a visit to Kashi, where will give you an insight into the Uygur custom. Entering Kashi, you will see people wearing national costumes and speaking the language you don’t understand as if you come to another country.

The first station of touring to Kashi is Xiangfei Tomb. You’ll need more than a few moments to absorb the heart-stopping views of the great Islamic architecture. The Blue glazed tiles affixed on the wall have different traditional Uygur paintings, which look very charming. It is hardly conceivable that they can design so many creative pictures. Walk along the tomb, you will see a door with a typical style of Islam and when you look up, you will find a scene of the moon symbol of Islam striving for shining with the bright moon, which will bring you happiness.  

The second station is Id Kah Mosque, which is the largest mosque in China and twelfth largest mosque in the world. Every Friday, it houses nearly 10,000 worshippers, who will not be disturbed by the outside world and still do what they should do. You will never see a breath of distracting thought but piety and faith in their eyes.

Mingsha Mountain-a Magical Desert Spectacle

Can you imagine how romantic it is that you walk in the desert with your sweetheart? Mingsha Mountain, a magical desert spectacle has a lot to offer the global tourist who is always looking for a romantic tour. 5 kilometers away from the southwest of Dunhuang city in Gansu China and shaped like a knife, Mingsha Mountain will make a noise whenever you ascend it. Mounting to the summit, the sand peaks are like the golden waves in the sea with tremendous momentum. Peering down from the summit, Crescent Spring is like a young girl, kindly nestled in the arms of her lover for thousands of years.

In a green basin surrounded by the peaks of Mingsha Mountain, there is a pool of clean water, shaped like a moon, which is the Crescent Spring. Fire and water can not be compatible, desert and spring is difficult to co-exist. But the Crescent Spring like a new moon fell into the yellow sands. With cool and clear water and sweet taste, it has been demurely lying in the embrace of Mingsha Mountain for thousands of years in spite of the attack of the impetuous wind and fierce sands frequently. 

Kanas Scenic Spot in Xinjiang China

No trip to Kanas Scenic Spot is complete without a visit to the Kanas Lake, which takes the form of a moon. The coast of the lake has 6 platforms protruding towards the center of the lake and each platform has a fantastic legend. The lake surrounded by the dense forests in autumn is like a poem and you’ll need more than a few moments to absorb the heart-stopping views of the picturesque lake.

Besides the Kanas Lake, heading to White Haba Village is also a good choice. It is a striking combination of the original natural environment and the ancient traditional culture. You can immerse yourself in the flavor of the primitive way of life keeping for hundreds of years. Villagers are composed of Tuva Nationality and Kazak Nationality.

You can live in the Kanas Scenic Spot and Blue Lake Resort is most worth living in.

Hemu Village-Heaven of Photographer

In autumn, anybody will be enchanted by the yellow birch trees all over the mountains. Being the northernmost village of western China, Hemu Village is the residence of Tuva people keeping the most complete national tradition.

With the unique and beautiful scenery harmoniously integrating the primitive villages and prairie, Hemu Village is dotted with herds and wooden houses, which have become the symbol of Tuva people. More than half of the wooden house body is buried in the earth for withstanding the cold lasting for almost half of the year. The house body is piled up with logs, both warm and moistureproof.

If you are a photography enthusiast, Hemu Village must be your best choice. Standing on the hillside, you can overlook the full views of the Hemu Village and Hemu River. Not only the distant scenery of enchanting sunrise, splendid snow peaks, little drops of water, herbs on the grassland and dreamy morning fog, but also the close scenery of Tuva people and wooden house may become your perfect work of art.

Hemu region currently has more than 30 captive breeding Red Deer with the annual output of over a hundred kilograms of pilous antlers. In addition, there has also produced unparalleled rare white honey, and rich Cordyceps and Bupleurum are also the valuable traditional Chinese medicine resources with a very high medicinal value.

Magical Place in China-Xinjiang

Xinjiang is a beautiful and magical place in China and its successive beauty of the year make you have different feeling and harvest, but the most beautiful scenery is Xinjiang in autumn, and its beauty can not be completely described even by the greatest artist.

Generally speaking, the first station for visitors touring Xinjiang is Tianchi, where is the embodiment of beauty and mystery. Tourists can appreciate the picturesque landscape of lakes and mountains and enjoy the colorful ethnic folklore, which attract the continuous visitors around the world.

After arriving at the scenic area, you can go by the interval bus or the cable car or walk to Tianchi. One side along the road is green abundant mountains and grassland, and another side is grand and beautiful valley and mountain springs, which make tourists linger on without any thought of leaving.

If you want to experience the charms of highland pasture, Nanshan Ranch is your best choice, where visitors can be together with the fine horses to gallop across the vast prairie.

The staple foods in Xinjiang are noodle, crusty pancake, beef and mutton and the main taste of dish is sour and peppery, besides, carrot and onion are their favorite vegetables and the main drink is milky tea and lump tea. Kazak nationality of Xinjiang likes to eat beef, mutton and horsemeat and drink horse milk, but they seldom eat vegetables and fruits. It should be noted that except Mongolia nationality, all ethnic groups of Xinjiang don’t eat pork.

Due to the great difference in temperature during day and night of Xinjiang, visitors need to bring enough clothes, in addition, sneaker, slipper, gastrointestinal drug, cold medicine, anti-inflammatory and analgesic drug are also the necessities.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Fruit May Become the Stumbling Block on Your Trip in Autumn

Apple juice can stop diarrhea and eating it after the meal can help digestion. But the apple is rich in carbohydrates and potassium, eating too much is not conductive to heart and kidney, so people suffering from coronary heart disease, nephritis and diabetes shouldn’t eat more.

Pear is good for stopping cough, reducing phlegm and quieting nerves. Because it’s cold in nature, people suffering from deficient cold of spleen and stomach had better eat carefully. In addition, its sugar content is high, so the diabetes should eat less.

Orange contains a lot of carotene. After entering the blood, the carotene will be converted into Vitamin A, which is stored in the body, leading to the skin yellowing, and then you may feel nausea, vomiting, loss of appetite, malaise and other syndrome.

Containing a lot of Vitamin A, C, tannin and rich nutrition, persimmon has the effect of step-down, clearing heat, moistening lung. But it also contains a lot of pectin, which meets the stomach acid, will form persimmon stone in stomach, leading to stomachache and indigestion.

Containing large amounts of fructose and a variety of vitamins and minerals, pomegranate avails against dysentery and pharyngitis. But you should not eat more in case of wounding teeth and anorexia.

Qinghai-Tibet Plateau Travel Tips

Bring enough clothing and paraphernalia. Because the temperature at plateau varies greatly between day and night, you need to add clothing in time to avoid cold. Due to the strong ultraviolet radiation at plateau, sunglasses, sunhat, sunscreen, skin cream, lip balms are all essential supplies.

Pay more attention to dietetic hygiene and eat digestible food. Never drink and eat too much at one meal in case of increasing digestive organs load. Avoid alcohol and smoking, but eat more food rich in vitamins such as vegetables and fruits. You may as well drink some buttered tea, which can ease the altitude stress.

Be sure to keep warm and less bath to prevent cold and exhaustion. Do not cover your head when sleeping and get enough sleep. In addition, the temperature of your sleeping room shouldn’t be too high in case of lack of oxygen.

When you first get to the plateau region, you can neither walk too fast nor do physical work. Fatigue is one of the factors of inducing acute high altitude sickness. Young tourists easily overestimate their own strength, so that which will often worsen the high altitude sickness. Once you are not feeling very well, do not hesitate to consult the doctor.

Mt. Emei Travel Tips

1. The summit of Mt. Emei has an attitude of about 3000 meters, so it is unsuitable to climb too high for tourists suffering from hypertension and heart disease. In addition, women don’t wear long skirt.

2. It is about two hours and a half’s ride to the destination of Leidongping then walk 20 minutes to Jinding ropeways. Never rent coat at Leidongping, in that way it will only overburden you.

3. With the low cloud and dense fog, the weather on Mt. Emei alternated between rain and sunshine, so it is better for the climbers to take light and thin rainwear.

4. You will meet naughty monkey in crowds on your way, do not provoke them randomly in case of being hurt.

5. Take flashlight and common medicines such as for diarrhea, carsickness, wound and anti- mosquito with you. 

6. You’d better buy the native products by the guidance of experts. Do not buy the animal fur protected by state and monkey bones.

7. If the travel agency offers you a day tour to Mt. Emei, you should understand your itinerary, because there are 2 different plans, plan one only includes the Golden Summit tour and plan two includes Wannian Temple, Bailong Cave, Qingyin Pavilion, Narrow Sky and Monkey Fun Area.

What Should You Do When You Meet Thunderstorm Weather

In the thunderstorm weather, you should try to avoid answering the mobile phone or making a phone call, especially you must turn off the phone in the open field. The electromagnetic signals are very strong when the phone is turned on especially being connected, easily causing the inductive thunderbolt.

When lightning occurs, you, being in the open field, should promptly seek the shelter such as steel-framed concrete buildings or buildings having lightning rod and never enter the isolated hut or arbor.

Do not use the umbrella with metal top when you meet the thunderstorm weather in the open field. Do not put shovel and some other farm tools, badminton rackets, golf club over your shoulder. If you wear metal-framed glasses, wristwatch or belt, take off them at once and stay away from other metal objects to avoid being struck by lightning.

Do not touch antenna, water pipe, wire, metal doors and windows and building facades. Stay away from electric equipments or similar metal installations.

If there is a storm with thunder and lightning overhead and you can not find a suitable place to avoid it, you should immediately look for a low-lying place and squat, bend forward and hold knees with both arms for lowering the center of gravity. Never lie on the ground. Do not mass together with holding hands.

Mount Huang Travel Tips

1. September and October is tourist peak month of Mount Huang. So, if conditions permit, you’d better miss the peak period for enjoyment of the picturesque natural scenery body and soul.

2. The temperature in Mount Huang varies greatly between day and night, so take some thick clothes and always pay attention to the change in clothing in case of catching cold.

3. With large sightseeing spots, Mount Huang has many stories and legends, so if you travel by yourself, you’d better follow the group tour, so as not to miss any landscape. 

4. Generally, it will take 2 days to travel in Mount Huang. With the high price of food and accommodation and the poor conditions on the mountains, you should take some food supplying energy. In addition, self-guided visitors must book rooms on the mountain in advance.

5. You must pay attention to safety when travel in Mount Huang, never walk as you appreciate the scenery.

6. Dress in loose and warm clothing and put on sneaker. Before climbing mountain, you’d better prepare a walking stick in case of lack of physical strength.

7. Lean forwards when you climb mountain and move forward at the same speed so as to save energy.

Friday, May 20, 2011

Chinese Great Barrier Reef- Weizhou Island

Weizhou Island was heaped up by volcanic eruption, forming beautiful natural landscapes of marine-abrasion topography, marine-deposition topography and lava, and the most characteristic one of which is the marine-abrasion volcano bay in the south. In 1994, the island was turned into Provincial Tourism Holidays District.
Having a bird view from a height, Weizhou Island seems arch-shaped jadeite floating on the sea. There are no hot summer and severely cold winter on the island, where keeps the average temperature of 23 Celsius with the rainfall of 1863 millimeter all the year round. The island surrounded by mists and waves stretching far into the distance is rich in thick vegetation with beautiful sight everywhere.

The precipitous Weizhou Island perfectly integrating the accumulation of volcanic eruption and deposition of coral in the south is in great contrast with the broad and gently sight in the north. The seawater here is limpid with crystal water, and rich in the living corals and rare species of marine products, so the island is known as “The Heaven on Earth”.

The visitor to the island will rarely be faced with a shortage of activities to spend time on as it offers plenty for the curious traveler in search of hidden wonders of this amazing Weizhou Island.

Scientifically Eat Crab in Autumn

Among the various forms of cooking, steamed crab is the most popular, because it can protect the crab’s original nutrition and flavor. Put the crab in the fresh water till disgorging sands and before putting in the steamer, open the cover of the crab and remove its viscus such as hairy kidney and evacuating organs. Do not eat the crab’s heart, black film and crystal -like objects.

With the cold nature, the crab can not be eaten together with cold food, persimmon and banana so as not to cause protein coagulation, resulting in intestinal spasm.

If you can not eat all of them you buy, be sure to put the rest in the fresh water with 0 to 8 Celsius so that they can live for a long time.
There are three ways to choose good crab.
First, check the weight. If 5 crabs weigh only a kilo, showing it is not the authentic lake crab.

Second, check the crab’s navel and feet hair. Fat crab generally has the features of protruding navel and heavy feet hair.

Third, check the crab’s spirit. You can turn over the crab, if it can turn back itself, showing it has strong vitality.

Protect Skin from Tanning and Sunburn in Autumn

Do Not Underestimate the Intensity of Ultraviolet Radiation in Autumn
The intensity of ultraviolet radiation in autumn is not inferior to summer. If you can’t protect your skin from tanning and sunburn, melanin would still increase even if your whitening work should be done perfectly.

Wrong Understanding
If you want to have a very fair complexion, you should bask in the sun as little as possible, besides eating less pungent food and keeping relaxed mood. Most of people just apply with thin sun-protection products. In fact, even the SPF is 50, if you apply less, the sunscreen effect may only achieve SPF5.

Correct Understanding
In order to achieve the effect of sun-proof, you should apply the amount of sun-protection product as much as three times than lotion or cream. Try to apply multilayer of sun-protection product and the gap for each layer is 1 to 2 minutes for making them be well absorbed by skin.

Using Process
Fist, apply day cream or lotion having the effect of sun-proof as a base. Second, try to use fast-absorbing sun-protection product and repeat twice. If you have a habit of make-up, the foundation make-up and finishing powder having the effect of sun-proof will make award bonus for you.

Notes on Travel in Autumn

Autumn is a flourishing period of allergic reaction to pollen. The allergic person must pay more attention when going out, and if necessary, you should wear a breathing mask or a scarf and do not close to the flowers that could cause allergy. It would be well not to pick the unknown wild flowers or take them home at will or stick them in hair. Do not travel when it’s windy, because wind can speed up the dispersing of pollen. 

In autumn, the poisonous insect, snake and hornet often conceal themselves in the dense bosk. When meet them unexpectedly, people may be attacked. There are many ways to fight them, and more practical one is to find a stick with about one meter length, used to drive or kill off them. If you are not confident to do that, do not yell when meeting them. In the event of being attacked, try to express the poison liquid from the wound and go to the hospital for medical treatment in time.

In autumn, you’d better travel in a group, and try not to be alone. Although it is a good chance to ease up, but safety is more important. Do not forget to take a tourist map with you in case of an emergency.

Magical Effect of Essential Oil on Trip

Mint: It can get rid of fatigue on trip, prevent colds and help to improve the respiratory problems. In addition, it has effects of balancing skin oil secretion, detoxification and elimination of acne.

Jasmine: Autumn will make your skin very dry. Jasmine can moisturize your skin and improve sensitive skin. In addition it has an effect of reducing stress.

Neroli: Women always keep beautiful even on trip, so neroli is consistently popular. It has the functions of whitening, moisturizing, improving sensitive skin and promoting cell regeneration.

Geranium: Maybe you will be injured on trip. Geranium can not only help to take the pain away, but also has an antimicrobial effect.

Bergamot: It also has the function of accelerating the concrescence of the wounds and helps to relieve pain. In addition, it’s helpful to treat poor digestion and inappetence.

Rosemary: Scurf always causes distress, especially for travelers who want to keep neat and trim in appearance. Rosemary can help to clean skin and eliminate scurf. In addition, it can get rid of fatigue. But travelers suffering from hypertension don’t use it.

Lavender: It can promote the cell regeneration, improve pore blocking and balance oil secretion. In addition, it has the effects of appeasing depression, treating insomnia and relieving pressure, but travelers suffering from asthma don’t use it.

Tips on Food, Accommodation and Transportation Making You Have a Convenient Trip

1. Food
Tasting the local special food is one of important activities that can not be missed when travel. The local food naturally have typical taste with cheap price, but do not buy them near the scenic spot but buy in the shop near you live, for avoiding being deceived.

You must pay attention to dietetic hygiene while enjoy the local food culture and avoid drinking and eating too much at one meal.

2. Accommodation
If the conditions permit, before setting off, you can contact with reputable travel agency to book a hotel room. If you don’t book in advance, you can buy a tourist road map after reaching your destination for choosing both convenient and cheap hotel to live in.

Before checking in, you can speak to the hotel clerk that it’s not your first time to live here so as to ask a preferential treatment. In addition, you have to assure enough sleep for having energy to enjoy your trip.

3. Transportation
Transportation fare is the largest cost of the whole travel, often accounting for more than half of the total expenditure. If there is enough time to spare, it’s worthwhile buying the ticket of train’s hard sleeper, and you can save your accommodation costs as well.

If you want to have a walking tour, you must choose to wear sneakers, avoid wearing new shoes. Besides, when having a rest on trip, you do not forget to loose your shoelaces for stimulating blood circulation.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

How to Choose Sunscreen Before Travel in Autumn

1. What type is your skin?
Before buying the sunscreen, you must clearly know your skin type and if you are not sure about that, do an accurate skin test. People with oily skin should choose water-based sunscreen with strong penetration. People with dry skin should choose the cream-like sunscreen. There is no strict rule for normal skin, and lotion-like sunscreen is suitable for all skin types.

2. Choose your ideal sunscreen according to the SPF value.
You should choose the sunscreen according to SPF value. Generally, the higher of the SPF value is, the greater protection will be given to skin. People with common complexion are suitable to use the sunscreen of SPF8 to 12. People with a fair complexion are suitable to use it of SPF30. People who are allergic to sunlight should use it of SPF12 to 20.

3. How to test the sunscreen?
How to know if the sunscreen you are going to buy is suitable for you? The best way is to apply your wrist with the sunscreen. If there are itch, erythema, swelling and pain on your wrist during 10 minutes, which shows that you have allergy to the product, you’d better abandon the brand of the sunscreen.

What You Can Not Carry When Travel Abroad?

1. The Products of Dairy, Egg and Meat
A tourist once traveled to Australia and conveniently placed in his luggage a box of instant noodle, when he got through customs, the staff opened the instant noodle and took out the seasoning bag containing meat then returned to him, because Australian customs prohibit visitors from carrying dairy products, egg products and meat products except New Zealand’s milk products. Australia and New Zealand check very strictly to the goods entering country.

2. Fruits
Many tourists like to carry some fruits for slaking thirst on the way. But once they get to the destination, these fruits must be thrown away. At the airport of Australia and New Zealand, dogs sure come in handy. No luggage containing fruits can escape from dog’s nose. In addition, a fine may be imposed according to the weight of the fruits you carry, maximum 3000 Dollar A.

3. Drugs
With some countries’ drug high in price, tourists will carry some drugs when travel abroad. But most countries have strict rules on drugs. Australia and New Zealand don’t allow visitors to bring Chinese herbal medicine and Western medicine should be carried moderately base on length of stay.

4. Alcohol
With the European countries’ alcohol, tobacco high in price, some visitors like to carry some. But European countries and Singapore check strictly to them. When travel to Europe, one can only carry 200 cigarettes and 1 litter of alcohol.

Useful Tips for People Planning to Travel During Long Holidays

The Stage of Preparation
Through the internet, travel agency or friends and family to have a grasp of the situation about travel for determining the approximate time and attractions, then objectively collect the relevant information such as the weather, transportation, accommodation, food, customs, attractions and local specialties of your destinations.

Manage Your Schedule
You should depend on the holiday schedule, your physical condition, attractions’ features, transportation and accommodation to manage your travel schedule. To take into account various contingencies, you should leave time to deal with although nothing happened.

Travel Expenses
To budget for your trip according to your holiday schedule and your own economic situation including transportation, accommodation, food, tickets, shopping and miscellaneous expenses. Set daily standard cost of a higher grade so as to hold back a sum to cover incidental expenses.

Confirm the Way of Travel
To confirm the way of travel based on individual interests, economic situation and attractions’ features. It’s more convenient to participate in group tours, and more free to have a self-guided tour.

Packing for Your Trip
Make sure that you carry the necessaries including the documents, communication tools, address book, necessary medicines, cosmetics, credit cards and cash. According to the destination’s situation of climate and attractions to prepare appropriate clothes and write a memorandum for convenience.

Far Away From Being Rough and Chapped When Travel in Autumn

1. With the increase of exercise volume on trip, the quantity of secretion in the body increases, so the sweat and oil on face also increase. If you can not wipe them off in time, after being assailed by wind and sun, your skin will become black and rough. Therefore, you should pay attention to keep the skin clean. Preferably use warm water and skin care toilet soap to wash, then smooth a touch of cream.

2. You should eat more vegetables and fruits on trip to increase vitamins and various minerals in your body, which can efficiently prevent the skin from dryness and wrinkling.

3. Wash your face when getting up in the morning. At night, you can use face cloth to remove excess oil and dirt from inner pore of skin, or use scrub cream to remove the aging corneum.

4. You’d better wear a hat to shade you from the sunburn and appropriately rub the sunscreen containing ketone.

5. Having a photo taken as a memento on trip is an absolute must, only to put on just a little makeup and remember to clean up cosmetics before falling asleep.

You have nothing to worry about as long as you get the 5 tips, which will make you stay young-looking on trip.

How to Keep Beautiful and Healthy on Trip

Skin Care
Compared with the normal condition, the moisture of the atmosphere in the plane or train is less than 20 percent. So, long time being in the desert-like air, the skin will be affected badly. Therefore, you should have the body lotion within your reach to continually complement nutrient for your skin and try to drink more water.

Eye Care
As everyone knows that the beauty of a woman must be seen in her eyes, because that is the doorway to her heart, so the eye care is not allowed to be neglected. The skin around the eyes is especially thin and extremely sensitive, so you should extra care. Once you feel dry around your eyes, you should immediately apply some eye cream or frozen gel to prevent the small wrinkles.

Mouth care
Because the lips don’t have sebaceous glands, so it is easy to lose color or crack. The easiest way is to keep them moist with lip balm.

Hair Care
Similarly, the dry air is detrimental to hair. The most obvious feature is the head itch and when you comb your hair, there will produce static electricity. Before setting off, you’d better make a comprehensive treatment to your hair and use anti-static comb.

Body Care
Long time sitting or lying will cause impaired blood circulation so as to result in neck pain and feet tingling, if possible, doing some setting-up exercises will make you ease.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Vinegar Works Wonders on Trip

Except taking vehicles, most of the traveling time is spent on walking to appreciate the beautiful landscapes. Walking more will make you feel uncomfortable, especially for the people with athlete's foot or sweaty feet. When you clean your feet before the bedtime, put vinegar in the water, you can sleep comfortably. If the conditions permit, why not enjoy a vinegar bathing, you will feel relaxed all over the body and eliminate fatigue the whole day. In case of being bitten by mosquitoes, putting vine on the pain can relieve the itching pain.

If you have trouble with vehicle sickness, before taking them, drink a small cup of warm water added with vinegar, symptoms can be significantly reduced. When you lose sleep due to environmental changes, drink a cup of soda water added with vinegar before bedtime and you can sleep peacefully.

Travel to a different place, you must not leave here without stuffing your gullet with the local delicious food, but which easily bring a stomach upset, even enteritis or diarrhea. Just brew a cup of strong tea, add some vinegar in it and keep drinking it 3 cups per day, and you will be ok. If you feel nausea and vomiting, brew a cup of hot salt water, add some vinegar in it and drink, that can stop vomiting.

Four Places to Appreciate the Water Lily in Beijing China

1. Yuanmingyuan Park in Haidian District of Beijing China
With 300 years history of imperial garden, Yuanmingyuan Park makes foreign and domestic tourists appreciate the characteristics of tropical water lily variety.

The blooming season comes from June to August in every year. No matter enter the park from Qichunyuan or the east door of Changchunyuan, you can immediately appreciate the water lilies in thousands of graceful postures.

The park is accessible in high season from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. and in low season from 7 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.

2. Summer Palace in Haidian District of Beijing China
The water lilies in the Summer Palace seduces many tourists into staying put, chances are you won’t hurry to leave.

Stand in the west dyke and look west, Zhijingge Lake and Zaojiantang Lake become the world of water lilies.

Waved with the gentle breeze, they cover the whole lake with the remained rain drops glistening in the morning light, look very charming.

The park is accessible in high season (April 1 to October 31) from 6:30 to 18:00 and in low season from 7:00 to 17:00.

3. Zizhuyuan Park in Haidian District of Beijing China
Since 1962 Zizhuyuan Park has been planting the lotus. Visitors can shuttle in the lotus pond and close appreciate them.

The park is accessible in high season (May to Sep.) from 6:00 to 22:00 and in low season from 6:00 to 21:00; the last tour starts both 1 hour before closing.

4. Beijing Botanical Garden
Lasting till August 31, the lotus show of Beijing Botanical Garden has 400 species of more than 8000 pots of lotus. Tourists can close contact with them.

Travel Illness

Symptoms of the disease are the increase in number of defecation, more than twice per day, accompanied by nausea, abdominal pain, fever or the stool is liquid. The incubation of the disease is in the period of about 24 to 28 hours, usually can recover within one week. The sufferer should keep rest and shouldn’t eat the greasy food. Prevention of the disease is mainly to pay attention to the diet hygiene, keep a regular diet and beware of over exhaustion.

Motion Sickness
You can eat the motion sickness medicine half an hour before boarding. Keeping a piece of ginger without chew can prevent nausea and vomiting. To try to sit forward seat of the car, boat and plane for reducing the bumps.

The wild sleeping disease
When traveling in the summer, people tend to like to sleep in the wild. They may feel general malaise when wake up the next day, because the body during sleep is in a relaxed state, causing the ability of disease resistance to decrease. There are 3 points to prevent the disease. First, pitch a simple tent. Second, select a dry, ventilating and flat sleeping place. Third, when sleeping on the mountain, choose to sleep on the southeastern slope, where not only shelters from wind but also you can first see the morning sun.

Shopping Tips

Shopping Tips
First, make a decision based on goods with local characteristics.
The goods with local characteristics are not only memorable, but also typical besides the advantage of price, such as Longjing tea in Hangzhou, coconut in Hainan, ethnic clothing in Yunnan, hada in Tibet and so on. Those goods with brilliant cultural background must delight your relatives and friends.

Second, small and portable goods are the best choice.
Some special goods have bulky and large size, which are very inconvenient to carry, so not suitable for purchase. Taking a trip with portable luggage always make you easily enjoy the landscapes on the way and less worry about the luggage, because some of them are fragile and may be broken on the way, not only waste money, but also spoil the tour.

Third, avoid being greedy for cheap goods.
In some scenic areas, often see peddled products of faking such as pearl, necklace, tea and the like. You had better be able to endure the temptation for the cheap price.

Fourth, trust your own judgment.
Through standardization for the tourism market, most of the guides can observe the professional ethics. However, a few guides attempt to take the tour group to the shops giving commission, willfully extend the shopping time and introduce the products in the shop to tourists without stop, not knowing the arrangement is a big trap. So, avoid blindly following others but trust your own judgment to be a mature consumer.