Friday, May 20, 2011

Tips on Food, Accommodation and Transportation Making You Have a Convenient Trip

1. Food
Tasting the local special food is one of important activities that can not be missed when travel. The local food naturally have typical taste with cheap price, but do not buy them near the scenic spot but buy in the shop near you live, for avoiding being deceived.

You must pay attention to dietetic hygiene while enjoy the local food culture and avoid drinking and eating too much at one meal.

2. Accommodation
If the conditions permit, before setting off, you can contact with reputable travel agency to book a hotel room. If you don’t book in advance, you can buy a tourist road map after reaching your destination for choosing both convenient and cheap hotel to live in.

Before checking in, you can speak to the hotel clerk that it’s not your first time to live here so as to ask a preferential treatment. In addition, you have to assure enough sleep for having energy to enjoy your trip.

3. Transportation
Transportation fare is the largest cost of the whole travel, often accounting for more than half of the total expenditure. If there is enough time to spare, it’s worthwhile buying the ticket of train’s hard sleeper, and you can save your accommodation costs as well.

If you want to have a walking tour, you must choose to wear sneakers, avoid wearing new shoes. Besides, when having a rest on trip, you do not forget to loose your shoelaces for stimulating blood circulation.

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