Thursday, May 26, 2011

Longwan Village in China-National Geological Park

Taking a bird's-eye view from the mountain pass, the mud houses of Longwan Village are well-spaced with smoke curling upward from kitchen chimneys, the even crops look like the woven fabric and fruit trees grow thick. But the scene on the other side of the river is quite different with the rolling hills and the wasted desert.

Longwan Village surrounded by the stone forest has become the National Geological Park, perfect integrating the oasis, farm village, the Yellow River, stone forest, desert and Gobi and attracting more and more visitors from home and abroad.

No trip is completed without a visit to Yinmagou Grand Canyon. You can go to the wharf in the east of the village to take the motorboat, only 2 kilometers away from your destination.

The stone forest in the Yellow River is even more tremendous than Yunnan due to the striking combination of mountain and water. On the top of the hill at the end of Yinmagou, there is a viewing platform, where you can have a bird view of the whole stone forest and no wonder it is so popular for photographers.

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