Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Shopping Tips

Shopping Tips
First, make a decision based on goods with local characteristics.
The goods with local characteristics are not only memorable, but also typical besides the advantage of price, such as Longjing tea in Hangzhou, coconut in Hainan, ethnic clothing in Yunnan, hada in Tibet and so on. Those goods with brilliant cultural background must delight your relatives and friends.

Second, small and portable goods are the best choice.
Some special goods have bulky and large size, which are very inconvenient to carry, so not suitable for purchase. Taking a trip with portable luggage always make you easily enjoy the landscapes on the way and less worry about the luggage, because some of them are fragile and may be broken on the way, not only waste money, but also spoil the tour.

Third, avoid being greedy for cheap goods.
In some scenic areas, often see peddled products of faking such as pearl, necklace, tea and the like. You had better be able to endure the temptation for the cheap price.

Fourth, trust your own judgment.
Through standardization for the tourism market, most of the guides can observe the professional ethics. However, a few guides attempt to take the tour group to the shops giving commission, willfully extend the shopping time and introduce the products in the shop to tourists without stop, not knowing the arrangement is a big trap. So, avoid blindly following others but trust your own judgment to be a mature consumer.

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