Tuesday, May 24, 2011

What Should You Do When You Meet Thunderstorm Weather

In the thunderstorm weather, you should try to avoid answering the mobile phone or making a phone call, especially you must turn off the phone in the open field. The electromagnetic signals are very strong when the phone is turned on especially being connected, easily causing the inductive thunderbolt.

When lightning occurs, you, being in the open field, should promptly seek the shelter such as steel-framed concrete buildings or buildings having lightning rod and never enter the isolated hut or arbor.

Do not use the umbrella with metal top when you meet the thunderstorm weather in the open field. Do not put shovel and some other farm tools, badminton rackets, golf club over your shoulder. If you wear metal-framed glasses, wristwatch or belt, take off them at once and stay away from other metal objects to avoid being struck by lightning.

Do not touch antenna, water pipe, wire, metal doors and windows and building facades. Stay away from electric equipments or similar metal installations.

If there is a storm with thunder and lightning overhead and you can not find a suitable place to avoid it, you should immediately look for a low-lying place and squat, bend forward and hold knees with both arms for lowering the center of gravity. Never lie on the ground. Do not mass together with holding hands.

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