Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Rafting Techniques

With the development of society and the improvement of living standard, returning to nature and challenging the nature become a fashion what the modern people pursue. The rafting sport, with characteristic sporting form, becomes a tool of the modern people for merging in the nature and challenging the nature.

Adventurous rafting is the best choice for the enthusiasts of outdoor sports. Operating the oars, controlling the boat and fighting with the torrent are many drifters’ personal experience. However, rafting is full of adventures to beginners. Here below are some experiences what lots of veterans summarize according to their experience of rafting for many times, aiming to well inspire novices.

Techniques of Rafting

Rafting is a challenge of one’s stamina and courage. When you hanker after excitement and enjoy joys, you must pay attention to safety and master some techniques.

In the process of rafting, there are a lots of torrent areas with large drop, so don’t take some things being afraid of touching water with you, in case of falling into the water or being damaged.

People wearing glasses must fasten your glasses with the rubber band in advance.

Keep wearing life jacket through the whole trip in case of getting off balance and turning over.

Pay attention to the arrowheads and watchwords along the route, which can remind you to watch out the dangerous torrent areas.

When descending the torrent, you must catch hold of handrail belt inside the boat, and the people sitting behind must keep your body bending backward slightly, for keeping the boat balance with the riverway.

When your boat gets stuck, don’t stand up in a hurry, hold your boat firstly and find a secure foothold then you can stand up.

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