Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Magical Place in China-Xinjiang

Xinjiang is a beautiful and magical place in China and its successive beauty of the year make you have different feeling and harvest, but the most beautiful scenery is Xinjiang in autumn, and its beauty can not be completely described even by the greatest artist.

Generally speaking, the first station for visitors touring Xinjiang is Tianchi, where is the embodiment of beauty and mystery. Tourists can appreciate the picturesque landscape of lakes and mountains and enjoy the colorful ethnic folklore, which attract the continuous visitors around the world.

After arriving at the scenic area, you can go by the interval bus or the cable car or walk to Tianchi. One side along the road is green abundant mountains and grassland, and another side is grand and beautiful valley and mountain springs, which make tourists linger on without any thought of leaving.

If you want to experience the charms of highland pasture, Nanshan Ranch is your best choice, where visitors can be together with the fine horses to gallop across the vast prairie.

The staple foods in Xinjiang are noodle, crusty pancake, beef and mutton and the main taste of dish is sour and peppery, besides, carrot and onion are their favorite vegetables and the main drink is milky tea and lump tea. Kazak nationality of Xinjiang likes to eat beef, mutton and horsemeat and drink horse milk, but they seldom eat vegetables and fruits. It should be noted that except Mongolia nationality, all ethnic groups of Xinjiang don’t eat pork.

Due to the great difference in temperature during day and night of Xinjiang, visitors need to bring enough clothes, in addition, sneaker, slipper, gastrointestinal drug, cold medicine, anti-inflammatory and analgesic drug are also the necessities.

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