Thursday, May 26, 2011

Ningxia Sand Lake Scenic Resort

Sand Lake Scenic Resort is named after the desert and lake with an area of about 667 hectare separately. The closely linked desert and lake look so particularly unusual. In 1952, an artificial river north of Yinchuan city irrigated the depression beside a sand dune, and after years of water rising, the depression finally became a freshwater lake. Today, the lake is covered with reed marshes nodding in the wind, representing a beautiful ornament to a large field of sand dune on the edge of the lake.

You can cross the dense reed marshes by the speeding boat and will startle from time to time a number of wild birds from a bird island at the other end of the lake. The island is a transfer station of birds of passage from Siberia and they will stay in the reed mashes then fly south.

Sand Lake Scenic Resort is a recreational center with all kinds of the sand-based games, such as camel riding, sand sliding and many colorful water sports, such as swimming, fishing, seaplane and skydiving, which will bring lots of fun to not only children but also men, therefore it becomes a holiday getaway.

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