Thursday, May 5, 2011

Oriental Pearl TV Tower: The Best Tourist Site of Getting a View of the Whole Shanghai

When standing on the Oriental Pearl TV Tower to overlook the whole Shanghai, you will feel the whole city to become architects’ arena of piling up the building blocks. Their wisdom is undoubtedly amazing.

Located in the Lujiazui Area of Pudong New District in Shanghai, adjacent to the Huangpu River, facing the Bund across the river, the 468 meters high Oriental Pearl TV Tower is the tallest tower in Asia and the third tallest in the world, just behind Canada CN TV Tower and Russia Ostankino TV Tower.

Even more amazing than its height is the tower’s unique architectural design that makes it become one of the most attractive places anywhere. 

Shanghai Oriental Pearl TV Tower is composed of three nine-meter wide columns, space module, up-sphere, down-sphere, five small spheres, tower base and plaza. The double-decker elevator that can carry 50 people at the rate of seven meters per second is only in China at present.

With 45 meters diameter and 263 meters height, the sightseeing floor of up-sphere is the best place of getting a bird's-eye view of Shanghai. In addition, the up-sphere contains a rotating restaurant at an elevation of 267 meters, making one complete revolution per hour, a DISCO dance hall, a piano bar and 20 KTV rooms at an elevation of 271 meters open to public.

The heaven-kissing space module is at an elevation of 350 meters, containing the sightseeing floor, meeting hall, coffee seat, they are the best choice for luxurious enjoyment.

In the five small spheres house 25 elegant rooms and lounges, having a distinctive interest.

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