Thursday, May 5, 2011

Tourist Resort in the Desert - Tengger Dalai Moon Lake in China

Tengger Dalai Moon Lake has a very unique resource combination, not only having the grassland traditional nomadic culture, but also integrating the great desert sight, Gobi verve, original primitive lake and Tibetan Buddhism, making natural wonders and human inward demands get an extremely perfect fusion.

Tengger Dalai Moon Lake is divided into 5 areas, including folk custom area, chamber leisure area, hotel and villa area, eco-demonstration park area, outdoor experience area, which can meet tourists for commercial affairs, conference, exploration, leisure and taking holidays to a great extent. 

Tengger Desert is the fourth largest desert in China with dense population. Being a purely natural lake of the hinterland in Tengger, the Moon Lake is a desert oasis entirely in a pristine condition. There are 3 wonders here. First one, looking from high dune, a whole China map comes to sight with provinces and regions clearly marked by reeds. Second one, the lake with the area of 3 square kilometers is rich in leopoldite, manganous salt, mirabilite, natural soda, natural alkali, ferric oxide and other microelements, which extremely match the herbal spas recipe recommended by the International Health Agency, possessing the self-purifying function. Third one, pushing away the surface of the sand with 1 square kilometer length and a hundred meters width, there are purely black sand mud with the thickness of over 10 meters, the quality of which far exceeds the Dead Sea’s black mud, known as the treasure of mud treatment.

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