Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Seven Tips Help you to Have a Smooth Trip in China

1. Make a detailed travel plan.
You must make out an itinerary for your trip, including the time, route and accommodation. Take tourist map, timetable, and necessary packing (clothes, hygiene products, etc.) with you.

2. Take common drugs with you.
Common medicine is very necessary to your trip, because in case of inevitably running into some unexpected situations, the common drugs you take can take great effect.

3. Pay attention to the safety of journey.
When you pass through some dangerous areas such as steep slopes, dense forests, cliffs, rapid flows, deep holes and so on, try to travel in a group, and do not run a risk to go alone.

4. Behave civilly.
In any time, any occasion, you must be polite to people, and keep the attitude of humility and forbearance in everything, and observe public order.

5. Take good care of cultural and historical relics.
Tourists should consciously take good care of the cultural and historical relics besides the flowers and trees in the scenic spots, in addition, do not scrawl at will.

6. Respect local customs.
China is a multi-ethnic country, and many minorities have different religious beliefs and custom taboos. When travel in these minority areas, you must respect their traditional customs and taboos of life. Careless behavior may hurt their national pride.

7. Pay attention to hygiene and health.
Tasting local dishes is a must-do thing of travel, which is undoubtedly an enjoyment of food culture, but you’re sure to pay attention to dietetic hygiene and avoid drinking and eating too much at one meal.

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