Thursday, May 5, 2011

The Fourth Largest Multinational Waterfall in the World – Detian Waterfall in China

The beauty of Detian Waterfall lies in its varying posture. It looks like a model, performing a fashion show of different styles in the morning, at noon and night, revealing magnificently and vividly beautiful scene. At noon with bright sunshine, the huge waterfall pours down with the drop of 50 meters from a bluff with a hundred meters width, the sound of collision echoes in the mountains, can be heard several miles away. At dusk, the sunset just hung above the waterfall, like a silver cloak embroidered with reddish evening glow, which is beautiful beyond description. When the sun rises in the east, the fog before the waterfall refracting the sunshine generates beautiful rainbow.

In spring and summer, the river rises rapidly and swift current with the momentum of an avalanche rush down, roaring like thunder with water mist covering the sky, just like a machismo man. Meantime, blooming Kapoks on the mountain scatter among the silver river, looks very charming. Red kapoks on the mountainside, small rippled green waterfall complex on the base of the mountain and the leisure park with the area of about 5000 square meters at the valley bottom, form a perfect getaway to go boating, angling and roaming in the water.

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