Friday, May 20, 2011

Chinese Great Barrier Reef- Weizhou Island

Weizhou Island was heaped up by volcanic eruption, forming beautiful natural landscapes of marine-abrasion topography, marine-deposition topography and lava, and the most characteristic one of which is the marine-abrasion volcano bay in the south. In 1994, the island was turned into Provincial Tourism Holidays District.
Having a bird view from a height, Weizhou Island seems arch-shaped jadeite floating on the sea. There are no hot summer and severely cold winter on the island, where keeps the average temperature of 23 Celsius with the rainfall of 1863 millimeter all the year round. The island surrounded by mists and waves stretching far into the distance is rich in thick vegetation with beautiful sight everywhere.

The precipitous Weizhou Island perfectly integrating the accumulation of volcanic eruption and deposition of coral in the south is in great contrast with the broad and gently sight in the north. The seawater here is limpid with crystal water, and rich in the living corals and rare species of marine products, so the island is known as “The Heaven on Earth”.

The visitor to the island will rarely be faced with a shortage of activities to spend time on as it offers plenty for the curious traveler in search of hidden wonders of this amazing Weizhou Island.

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