Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Hemu Village-Heaven of Photographer

In autumn, anybody will be enchanted by the yellow birch trees all over the mountains. Being the northernmost village of western China, Hemu Village is the residence of Tuva people keeping the most complete national tradition.

With the unique and beautiful scenery harmoniously integrating the primitive villages and prairie, Hemu Village is dotted with herds and wooden houses, which have become the symbol of Tuva people. More than half of the wooden house body is buried in the earth for withstanding the cold lasting for almost half of the year. The house body is piled up with logs, both warm and moistureproof.

If you are a photography enthusiast, Hemu Village must be your best choice. Standing on the hillside, you can overlook the full views of the Hemu Village and Hemu River. Not only the distant scenery of enchanting sunrise, splendid snow peaks, little drops of water, herbs on the grassland and dreamy morning fog, but also the close scenery of Tuva people and wooden house may become your perfect work of art.

Hemu region currently has more than 30 captive breeding Red Deer with the annual output of over a hundred kilograms of pilous antlers. In addition, there has also produced unparalleled rare white honey, and rich Cordyceps and Bupleurum are also the valuable traditional Chinese medicine resources with a very high medicinal value.

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