Sunday, May 15, 2011

Far Away From Being Rough and Chapped When Travel in Autumn

1. With the increase of exercise volume on trip, the quantity of secretion in the body increases, so the sweat and oil on face also increase. If you can not wipe them off in time, after being assailed by wind and sun, your skin will become black and rough. Therefore, you should pay attention to keep the skin clean. Preferably use warm water and skin care toilet soap to wash, then smooth a touch of cream.

2. You should eat more vegetables and fruits on trip to increase vitamins and various minerals in your body, which can efficiently prevent the skin from dryness and wrinkling.

3. Wash your face when getting up in the morning. At night, you can use face cloth to remove excess oil and dirt from inner pore of skin, or use scrub cream to remove the aging corneum.

4. You’d better wear a hat to shade you from the sunburn and appropriately rub the sunscreen containing ketone.

5. Having a photo taken as a memento on trip is an absolute must, only to put on just a little makeup and remember to clean up cosmetics before falling asleep.

You have nothing to worry about as long as you get the 5 tips, which will make you stay young-looking on trip.

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