Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Hukou Waterfall in China- A Suspended Pot in the Air

Hukou Waterfall is a natural waterfall, formed when the middle reach of the Yellow River flows through the Qinjin Grand Canyon, and the largest waterfall area reaches 30,000 square meters with 50 meters width and 50 meters depth. When the waters of the Yellow River roll to here, the flood with more than 300 meters width is suddenly bounded by the both sides, surging and billowing in the drop of 50 meters, like pouring down from a suspended pot in the air. Reaching the total area of about 100 square kilometers, Hukou Waterfall was approved as the National AAAA Level Scenic Spot in 1988.

Smoking Underwater
Even 10 miles far away from the Hukou Waterfall, you can see the dense smoke billowing out of the water and rising high into the sky. The rapid flow pours down from the pot mouth and stirs up the water and mist, forming the rare wonder of smoking underwater.

The Rainbow Leading to Heaven
The water and mist, formed by the repeated lashing of Hukou Waterfall, rise high into the sky and are refracted by the sun, then forming the rainbow. Sometimes the rainbow taking the shape of a semicircle inserts the water from the sky, like a long dragon absorbing the water, and sometimes like multicolored straight ribbons transversely suspending above the water, forming unforgettable instantaneous charming sights.

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