Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Kashi in Xinjiang-Give an Insight into the Uygur Custom

No trip to Xinjiang China is complete without a visit to Kashi, where will give you an insight into the Uygur custom. Entering Kashi, you will see people wearing national costumes and speaking the language you don’t understand as if you come to another country.

The first station of touring to Kashi is Xiangfei Tomb. You’ll need more than a few moments to absorb the heart-stopping views of the great Islamic architecture. The Blue glazed tiles affixed on the wall have different traditional Uygur paintings, which look very charming. It is hardly conceivable that they can design so many creative pictures. Walk along the tomb, you will see a door with a typical style of Islam and when you look up, you will find a scene of the moon symbol of Islam striving for shining with the bright moon, which will bring you happiness.  

The second station is Id Kah Mosque, which is the largest mosque in China and twelfth largest mosque in the world. Every Friday, it houses nearly 10,000 worshippers, who will not be disturbed by the outside world and still do what they should do. You will never see a breath of distracting thought but piety and faith in their eyes.

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