Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Kanas Scenic Spot in Xinjiang China

No trip to Kanas Scenic Spot is complete without a visit to the Kanas Lake, which takes the form of a moon. The coast of the lake has 6 platforms protruding towards the center of the lake and each platform has a fantastic legend. The lake surrounded by the dense forests in autumn is like a poem and you’ll need more than a few moments to absorb the heart-stopping views of the picturesque lake.

Besides the Kanas Lake, heading to White Haba Village is also a good choice. It is a striking combination of the original natural environment and the ancient traditional culture. You can immerse yourself in the flavor of the primitive way of life keeping for hundreds of years. Villagers are composed of Tuva Nationality and Kazak Nationality.

You can live in the Kanas Scenic Spot and Blue Lake Resort is most worth living in.

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