Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Mingsha Mountain-a Magical Desert Spectacle

Can you imagine how romantic it is that you walk in the desert with your sweetheart? Mingsha Mountain, a magical desert spectacle has a lot to offer the global tourist who is always looking for a romantic tour. 5 kilometers away from the southwest of Dunhuang city in Gansu China and shaped like a knife, Mingsha Mountain will make a noise whenever you ascend it. Mounting to the summit, the sand peaks are like the golden waves in the sea with tremendous momentum. Peering down from the summit, Crescent Spring is like a young girl, kindly nestled in the arms of her lover for thousands of years.

In a green basin surrounded by the peaks of Mingsha Mountain, there is a pool of clean water, shaped like a moon, which is the Crescent Spring. Fire and water can not be compatible, desert and spring is difficult to co-exist. But the Crescent Spring like a new moon fell into the yellow sands. With cool and clear water and sweet taste, it has been demurely lying in the embrace of Mingsha Mountain for thousands of years in spite of the attack of the impetuous wind and fierce sands frequently. 

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