Thursday, May 5, 2011

Bamboo Sea in the South of Sichuan

With about 13 square meters length stretching from east to west and 6 square meters width from south to north, Bamboo Sea has 15 first grade scenic spots and 19 second grade spots and it is renowned for Tianhuang Temple, Tianbao Camp, Xianyu Cave, Qinglong Lake, Iridescent Cascading Waterfall, Ancient Battlefield, Cloud-watching Pavilion, Emerald Gallery, Chahua Mountain and Huaxi Thirteen Bridge, which are known as the “Best 10 Landscapes of Bamboo Sea”

Ascending a height to enjoy a distant view, pubescens spread over the 28 big or small mountain ranges and more than 500 hills like a green sea and no one coming here can escape from expressing an exclamation that what a spectacular and rare view!

The Bamboo Sea has the average altitude of 600 meters to 1000 meters and keeps the nice temperature of 0 Celsius to 30 Celsius in all seasons. With luxuriant foliage, the bamboos here show their manners in a great variety, some embrace each other, forming a clump like falling to the ground, and some hold each other, rising into the clouds and some crisscross, forming a jade-like maze and some crowd together by the roadside, interweaving into a jade-like arcade. Bamboos dance gently in the refreshing breeze with a delicate fragrance. Everywhere in Bamboo Sea will bewitch you so much.

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