Thursday, May 5, 2011

The Thousand Islets Lake

The Thousand Islets Lake has limpid water with vast bluish waves, and the total area of the catchment reaches 10442 square kilometers and meets national grade I standard of the average water quality.

The big and small islands in a variety of forms in the lake distributes sparsely or closely. The lake is separated into many small lakes in different widths and various shapes, making the difficulty to discriminate the direction, forming a characteristic landscape of the maze in the lake.

The Thousand Islets Lake is rich in vegetation and the percentage of forest cover reaches 95 percent, so it is aptly named as “The Green Thousand Islets Lake”, and in November 1986, it was approved as “The National Forest Park” by State Forestry Administration in China. In the scenic spot, there are rich plant species, including 1826 species of vascular bundle plants, and 20 species of which are under special state protection.

The Thousand Islets Lake contrasts pleasantly with various stone forests, including limestone, Danxia landform, thin-bedded limestone, granite and so on. The movement of geological structure forms lots of unique landscapes of peaks, cliffs, stocks and canyon, which have high ornamental value.

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