Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Vinegar Works Wonders on Trip

Except taking vehicles, most of the traveling time is spent on walking to appreciate the beautiful landscapes. Walking more will make you feel uncomfortable, especially for the people with athlete's foot or sweaty feet. When you clean your feet before the bedtime, put vinegar in the water, you can sleep comfortably. If the conditions permit, why not enjoy a vinegar bathing, you will feel relaxed all over the body and eliminate fatigue the whole day. In case of being bitten by mosquitoes, putting vine on the pain can relieve the itching pain.

If you have trouble with vehicle sickness, before taking them, drink a small cup of warm water added with vinegar, symptoms can be significantly reduced. When you lose sleep due to environmental changes, drink a cup of soda water added with vinegar before bedtime and you can sleep peacefully.

Travel to a different place, you must not leave here without stuffing your gullet with the local delicious food, but which easily bring a stomach upset, even enteritis or diarrhea. Just brew a cup of strong tea, add some vinegar in it and keep drinking it 3 cups per day, and you will be ok. If you feel nausea and vomiting, brew a cup of hot salt water, add some vinegar in it and drink, that can stop vomiting.

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