Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Travel Illness

Symptoms of the disease are the increase in number of defecation, more than twice per day, accompanied by nausea, abdominal pain, fever or the stool is liquid. The incubation of the disease is in the period of about 24 to 28 hours, usually can recover within one week. The sufferer should keep rest and shouldn’t eat the greasy food. Prevention of the disease is mainly to pay attention to the diet hygiene, keep a regular diet and beware of over exhaustion.

Motion Sickness
You can eat the motion sickness medicine half an hour before boarding. Keeping a piece of ginger without chew can prevent nausea and vomiting. To try to sit forward seat of the car, boat and plane for reducing the bumps.

The wild sleeping disease
When traveling in the summer, people tend to like to sleep in the wild. They may feel general malaise when wake up the next day, because the body during sleep is in a relaxed state, causing the ability of disease resistance to decrease. There are 3 points to prevent the disease. First, pitch a simple tent. Second, select a dry, ventilating and flat sleeping place. Third, when sleeping on the mountain, choose to sleep on the southeastern slope, where not only shelters from wind but also you can first see the morning sun.

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