Thursday, May 26, 2011

Chishui Danxia in China-World Heritage Cultural Landscape

Chishui has a striking combination of natural landscapes and cultural landscapes and is indeed a rare tourist resort for global tourist who is always looking for the out of the ordinary. You can be freed from busy lives in the noisy and congested city, throwing yourself into the embrace of Mother Nature surrounded by waterfall, the sea of bamboo, Cyatheaceae, Danxia landform and virgin forest, or exploring the relics that Red Army soldiers on the Long March left to feel their spirit of perseverance.

Chishui Danxia landform is known throughout the world for its area of more than 1000 square kilometers. The gorgeous red cliff, lonely peak and narrow ridge, grotesque mountains, odd stones, huge caves and the beautiful Danxia canyons, green forest, flying waterfall contrast finely with each other, having high ornamental value.

When the golden sunshine through rain beats down on the Danxia rocks, the red rocks look like the shy cheek of a maiden. In addition, there is an exceptionally outstanding Danxia odd stone, 20 kilometers away from the south of Chishui city, aptly named Alien with a lifelike form. Staying in the untraversed mountain forest, maybe it is a real visitor from outer space.

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