Thursday, May 5, 2011

Magical Toothpaste

Common people, especially the office workers with busy life rhythm, have little chance to go for a trip, however, when the rare opportunity arises, you may try your best to release yourself and temporarily forget the stressful work by exploring some adventure tours like mountain-climbing or camping, which does take effect of relieving pressure, but you may easily be wound if you are careless, when it happens, you can spread the toothpaste on the wound for relieving inflammation and stopping bleeding, then putting a dressing on it, which will bring about a striking effect.

The place dotted with blooming flowers is deeply liked by tourists, which is equally the heaven of bees. In case of being bitten, spread the toothpaste to relieve the redness and swelling, because the bee venom is an acidic compound, toothpaste contrarily belongs to slightly alkaline and acid-base neutralization takes effect of detoxification.

If you had ever been bitten by insects or mosquitoes, you might feel intolerable itch. Only spread the toothpaste on the sting can you stop itching.

Whatever the reason is, that makes you suffer from headache or dizziness on a trip, just spread the toothpaste on your temple, which can ease pain, because the toothpaste contains menthol and Galangal oil.

Travel in winter may easily make your hands or feet frosted, characterized by redness and swelling with itch and pain. Rub the frosted place with a cloth dipped with toothpaste, which can takes effect of invigorating blood circulation and removing blood stasis, because the toothpaste contains ginger oil and mint oil.

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