Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Mt. Emei Travel Tips

1. The summit of Mt. Emei has an attitude of about 3000 meters, so it is unsuitable to climb too high for tourists suffering from hypertension and heart disease. In addition, women don’t wear long skirt.

2. It is about two hours and a half’s ride to the destination of Leidongping then walk 20 minutes to Jinding ropeways. Never rent coat at Leidongping, in that way it will only overburden you.

3. With the low cloud and dense fog, the weather on Mt. Emei alternated between rain and sunshine, so it is better for the climbers to take light and thin rainwear.

4. You will meet naughty monkey in crowds on your way, do not provoke them randomly in case of being hurt.

5. Take flashlight and common medicines such as for diarrhea, carsickness, wound and anti- mosquito with you. 

6. You’d better buy the native products by the guidance of experts. Do not buy the animal fur protected by state and monkey bones.

7. If the travel agency offers you a day tour to Mt. Emei, you should understand your itinerary, because there are 2 different plans, plan one only includes the Golden Summit tour and plan two includes Wannian Temple, Bailong Cave, Qingyin Pavilion, Narrow Sky and Monkey Fun Area.

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