Thursday, May 5, 2011

Seek Cool Feeling in the Mountain and Water in China - Moganshan

Located in Deqing county of Zhejiang province in China, Mt. Moganshan is one of famous top 4 summer resorts in China. With the long spring and autumn and short summer, the mountain even in the hot summer can remain the temperature of around 24 Celsius. It is a mountain where you have to cover yourself with quilt when sleeping at night. Refresh yourself with a cool tour in the Mt. Moganshan to experience the mood-lifting magic.

Luxuriant forests, elegant bamboos, cascading waterfalls, pavilions spreading out like stars and cliffside inscriptions form the inspiring views. Amongst the beautiful mountains and clear waters, house more than 200 well-protected old villas of Late Qing Dynasty, you can appreciate the original style villa a few hundred years ago here.

Hiding in the shade of the mountain, these old buildings with elegant appearance and different style get the reputation of “World Architecture Museum”. Wander in the cool green and follow the historical step to enjoy the distinct summer.

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