Thursday, May 5, 2011

Chinese Gold Coast-Jinshitan International Tourist Holiday Resort

Perfectly integrating entertainment, catering and accommodation, Jinshitan meet people with various needs. The eastern Gold Coast always touch the heartstrings of tourists around the world by its thousands of UV-proof pergolas, tents and parasols, which are all managed in unification and is the only beachside without individual operators in Dalian.

Heading to Jinshitan equals setting forth on a healthy journey. With the green coverage of 46.2 percent, the annual average air-quality indexes in Jinshitan reach a high quality of 20 by the international standard, so it become one of 15 healthy beaches in China. 

Jinshitan Rare Stones Museum is the largest stone-collection museum in China, known as “Stone Capital”, collecting about a thousand treasures of more than 200 species, some of which such as Spray Stone, Boshan Stripe Stone and Kunlun Color Jade are known as “The Best in China”.

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