Friday, May 20, 2011

Magical Effect of Essential Oil on Trip

Mint: It can get rid of fatigue on trip, prevent colds and help to improve the respiratory problems. In addition, it has effects of balancing skin oil secretion, detoxification and elimination of acne.

Jasmine: Autumn will make your skin very dry. Jasmine can moisturize your skin and improve sensitive skin. In addition it has an effect of reducing stress.

Neroli: Women always keep beautiful even on trip, so neroli is consistently popular. It has the functions of whitening, moisturizing, improving sensitive skin and promoting cell regeneration.

Geranium: Maybe you will be injured on trip. Geranium can not only help to take the pain away, but also has an antimicrobial effect.

Bergamot: It also has the function of accelerating the concrescence of the wounds and helps to relieve pain. In addition, it’s helpful to treat poor digestion and inappetence.

Rosemary: Scurf always causes distress, especially for travelers who want to keep neat and trim in appearance. Rosemary can help to clean skin and eliminate scurf. In addition, it can get rid of fatigue. But travelers suffering from hypertension don’t use it.

Lavender: It can promote the cell regeneration, improve pore blocking and balance oil secretion. In addition, it has the effects of appeasing depression, treating insomnia and relieving pressure, but travelers suffering from asthma don’t use it.

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