Monday, June 13, 2011

What's Special in Macao?

1. The Sign of Macau - Ruins of St. Paul
Being one of the famous signs of Macau, Ruins of St. Paul is also the best place to take a souvenir picture for travelers. It is actually a front wall of the former St. Paul Cathedral, which is combined with the oriental and western style of architecture engraved with delicate and intricate designs, very lofty and grand.

5 Minutes walking from the side of Ruins of St. Paul, you can see several rows of iron batteries. Getting a blow or seeing the street scenery of Macau from high is very delightful. Next to the fort is the Macao Museum, which is distributed on 3 floor levels with good design and vividly gives an insight into the history and people life in Macao.

3. Macao Tower with 338 Meters High
Macao Tower is a new sign of Macao with 338 meters high. You can see a panorama of the whole Macao on the touring floor with 223 meters high. Stand on the transparent glass as if you walk on the sea. Even more exciting is to experience the most popular amusement item named Walk in Outer Space. You will walk around the tower on the steel frame with 233 meters high without hand-holding equipment only with a safety rope on your back.

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