Thursday, June 16, 2011

Survive Trampling Accident

1. When you tripped and fell flat in the crowd, you must first protect your vulnerable hindbrain and rib part.
Hand Act: Cross the hands over the neck and hindbrain and clamp the both side of your head with arms.

Leg Act: Try to bend your knees forward for protecting the important organs of abdominal and thoracic cavities.

Body Act: Lie on the side and ensure the airway is unobstructed. Besides, it can protect the backbone and head from trampling. Even if your leg and side were fractured, it wouldn’t cause the fatal harm.

2. When you tripped, don’t move to the wall and other narrow areas, where people easily trip, causing the suffocation for people being pinned down.

3. There is no predictability for the trampling accident. So, you’d better avoid going to the crowded areas.

4. When people are squeezed up against each other, the first gesture is to cross your hands under the shoulder for protecting your heart and lungs.

5. When you walk in a thick crowd, do not pick your lost wallet or mobile telephone up so as to avoid accidents.

6. If you can keep balance, you’d better walk in a thick crowd on tiptoe, because the heel was easily trampled in the crowd, resulting in falling. But, people, who can not well keep balance, don’t use the method in case of the opposite effect.

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