Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Kanas in Xinjiang China

Being in silver and white clothing, Kanas in winter has a different flavor. Xinjiang Kanas Scenic Spot reputed as “Pure Land on Earth” cancels the mountain closure in winter, which attracts large numbers of tourists at home and abroad to appreciate the enchanting scenery.

With the rich snowfall in winter, Kanas can accumulate the snow to a depth of about 50 cm. The snow and ice world, tremendous momentum of a vast snow field, sparkling rime of birch forest, an expanse of Ice Lake, ink painting world of Hemu Grassland constitute the stunningly attractive scenery.

The white snow all over the mountain and azure sky add radiance and beauty to each other. Take the horse-sled and race in the mountains, at the moment, the nature is just beside you.

Kanas Scenic Spot has a long winter but no summer, and the average temperature on July is only 15.9 Celsius. With the great difference in temperature during day and night, you need to prepare the complete walking equipment.

The forests around the Kanas Lake are the virgin forests with complex conditions, so even the local herdsmen may lose their direction when meeting foggy or snowy weather. But you will be safe if you are not far from your walking route.

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