Thursday, June 9, 2011

How to Save Money on Lodging in Tibet?

In peak season from April to October, the hotels’ price in Tibet is expensive, so if you choose to live in hotel, you’d better ask a travel agency to arrange your lodging place. Being the cooperator of hotels, the travel agency can get a budget price for you, which can save you a lot of money. Winter is a low season for Tibet travel, during which the cost of accommodation is even half cheaper.

For the undemanding backpacker on the lodging condition, hostel is a good choice. The charge a day is usually about 25 Yuan, even 10 to 15 Yuan in some small places. The charge in Ngari Prefecture is comparatively high generally between 20 and 30 Yuan due to the lack of supplies. In addition, you have to bear the butter taste, but drinking much buttered tea will benefit your trip so much.

To the explorer and wayfarer, camping is their common way of lodging. Camping beside the Namtso Lake, you can appreciate a starry sky. You’d better choose a petticoated tent, which has a windproof function. Considering the safety, do not camp on either side of the road. In addition, camping in the natural reserve areas is not allowed. You can also choose to camp near the herdsmen house for sleeping more peacefully, but do not approach their house without telling them in case of being bitten by the dog.

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