Monday, June 13, 2011

Danxia Mountain-The Secret Workings of Nature

Consisting of red gritstones, featuring the red cliff, Danxia Mountain shows itself a red peak-like structure and has 680 stone peaks, stone cliffs, stone walls and stone bridges, which are in pleasing disorder with billions of statures, forming a ruby sculpture park, so it was also named as China red stone park.

Danxia Mountain spans 319 square kilometers of tourism comprehensive supporting facilities including food, lodging, transportation, travel, shopping and entertainment and develops many scenic spots such as Changlao Peak, Yangyuan Stone, Yinyuan Stone, Jinjiang River, Xianglong Lake.

Divided into 5 areas including Danxia scenic area, Shaoshi scenic area, Bazhai scenic area, Xianrenji scenic area and Jinjing gallery tourist area, the geopark is integrated with popularization of science, rock climbing, observation, investigation, exploration and holiday.

Danxia scenic area is divided into three landscape layers. The lower layer is Jinshi stock, having the sights of grotto temple, Tongtian cave, Baizhang gorge and red cliff. The middle layer is Biechuan temple, having the sights of narrow sky, lotus pool and so on. The top layer is a good place to enjoy a distant view, and you can not only feast on the beautiful Danxia landform here, but also appreciate the sunrise and the glow of sunset.

Spring and autumn are the peak season. In spring, a mountain of azaleas will be in full flower, very charming. In autumn, the maple leaves are tinge with autumn red, contrasting finely with the red cliffs in Danxia Mountain.

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