Monday, June 13, 2011

Mazu Temple in Macao

The culture, life and buildings in the Macao Historical Urban Area fully reflect the characteristic of harmonious integration between China and Portugal, which is a key factor of being listed in the World Heritage List.

Mazu Temple is the first place where Portuguese land and is the starting point for cultural integration between China and Portugal. Let’s explore every interesting corner of the city.

The Portuguese style stones in front of Mazu Temple strongly contrast with the Chinese style temple, reflecting the characteristic of harmonious integration between China and Portugal, so here becomes a popular place to have a picture taken and keep it as a memento. Entering the temple, you can draw lots and ask for a talisman for yourself. By the way, the stone sculptures scattered about the temple deserve appreciation and there are many mottos left by refined scholars during hundreds of years. You will pass a round stone arch on the way to mountainside, according to the legend, if you touch the top of the arch, and a good marriage is around the corner.

Maritime Museum opposite the Mazu Temple shows the close connection between the Macao history and the sea in a vivid way and elaborates on the history of China and Portugal in maritime affairs. 3 minutes walking from here, you can enjoy a rich Portuguese dish and there are several different styles of restaurants offered you to choose.

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