Thursday, June 9, 2011

Discover the Footprint Hundreds of Millions of Years Ago in Yuanan County of China

Located in Yichang city of Hubei province, Yuanan County is the native place of Leimu, who is the mother of Chinese nation. There are rich tourist resources in Yuanan County including ancient and mysterious Dayan virgin forest, Longtanhe karst cave strongly resembling the underground palace, Mingfeng Mountain, the holy land of Taoism, which is as important as Wudang Mountain, Linglong gorge always making drifter linger on without any thought of leaving and picturesque Luxihe scenic spot.

Perched in the center of Yuanan County’s vast stretch of forest, Wangjia village has national 3A-level scenic spot named Linglong gorge scenic spot, where features towering old trees and vegetation coverage reaching up to 95 percent. However, even more alluring than its vegetation coverage is the natural wonder in the scenic spot – Linglongxia Great Curve Gorge, featuring high-rise and precipitous cliff, and strange flowers and grasses.

The rapid river rises and falls amid the gorge stretching for 10 kilometers, forming more than 20 dangerous shoals, each of which are linked by a quiet water pond, having the vigor and verve of the world famous Brahmaputra Grand Canyon. The most popular in the scenic spot is Linglong gorge drift, which receives over 0.1 million visitors each year.

Heigou Weird Stone Theme Park is another eco-tourism resource of Wangjia village, where is divided into three landscape areas including weird stone, forest and mountains. In the weird stone area, there are more than 2000 odd rocks and weird stones, shaped like birds, animals, pagodas, mushroom and so on. What is more surprising is that many stones are set with sinoceras about 0.4 billion years ago, shaped like bamboo shoots, insects, which shows that here is used to be an expanse of sea.

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