Sunday, June 26, 2011

Choose an Ideal Outfit When You Travel in the Wilderness

Coat: If you travel in the wilderness, you’d better take an outdoor jacket, which has the function of windproof and waterproof with good breathable fabric.

Insulation Layer: You’d better choose the down jacket, but you need to tweak it before you choose so as to feel its softness. For carrying easily, the down jacket is the softer and thinner, is the better.

Underwear: Don’t choose the cotton underwear. You should choose the professional perspire underwear. If you travel in summer, you can choose the tennis shirt, which has the perspiration function and good style.

Trousers: You’d better choose the training pants, which has the good function of windproof and waterproof with good breathable fabric and fully open slide fastener on the outboard of the trouser legs. In hot summer, you can take off your pants easily without taking off your shoes.

Cap: You must wear a cap with tabs over the ears when you travel to the frigid place, because over 50 percent of the heat quantity of your body is lost from your head and neck.

Gloves: You must remember the 3 factors of choosing glove including warm, waterproof, windproof and anti-friction. Down gloves is your best choice.

Shoes: You need to wear ankle-high shoes with elastic sides and hard soles when you travel to a place with rugged and rough road to prevent sprain and to save energy.

Socks: You should wear the woollen socks in winter and wear cotton socks in summer with thickening design on the heel and sole.

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