Thursday, June 2, 2011

Buildings in Chongqing China

There is no doubt that it is one of the unique landmark buildings of Chongqing. In 1987, the British classic "Comparison of Architectural History" first introduced to the world 43 China famous buildings after the founding of new China and Chongqing People's Grand Hall is the second.

2. New York. New York Tower
Since its completion in 2004, the New York New York Tower has formed a unique picture of Chongqing city, and it is also a perfect representation of vigorous development.

3. Light Rail
Chongqing Light Rail is the first trans-riding rail transport in China, extending forward with the winding hills, back to the mountain and facing the water, forms a brilliant and amazing scenery of Chongqing. In addition, it has brought the great convenience to citizens.

4. China Three Gorges Museum
Being the second national museum, China Three Gorges Museum is the symbol of city culture of Chongqing, who houses the city’s history and culture and shows the city’s spirit and dream.

5. Egongyan Bridge
Chongqing has the largest number and type of bridges spanning the river in China and gets the name of Bridges Museum, and the most beautiful and coolest one of which is Egongyan Bridge. A bridge can change a region, many bridges will change the whole city, and the change of Chongqing is still processing.

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