Thursday, June 23, 2011

Experience Taiwanese Life

Spare the time to ride a bike along the freshwater river and experience the bike culture of Taiwan. Taipei Municipal Government built a bike lane at the bank. You can appreciate the peaceful river and the distant Guanyin Mountain as ride the bike. There are many stations for rest on the way, and you can stop to appreciate the mangrove beside the river and kinds of birds or sit down for a cup of coffee.

You must go for a walk at Eslite Bookstore and experience the special culture of Taiwan bookstore. You can stay in cold air room in hot summer or sit in the comfortable sofa to read book all day.

Why not spare half day to discover Taiwanese life. Enjoy a walking tour to every corner such as some shops even roadside stalls and to feel Taiwanese hospitality and friendliness.

If you are invited to visit Taiwanese home, you must grasp the opportunity to know the common people’s life. You will find that there are many beautiful flowers and grasses they plant on their balcony or windowsill and the ancestor memorial tablet in the corner of their living room. They burn a stick of incense every morning and night for their ancestors.

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