Monday, June 20, 2011

How to Have a Perfect Photography Trip in Winter?

1.     Keep Warm
First, keep yourself warm. You are appropriate to wear the down garment, thick sweater, electric socks, down cap and down glove. Chilblain is incidental depend on the place such as hand, foot, ear or nose needle, so you’d better rub your body constantly for increasing the blood circulation and strengthening the ability to defense against the cold.

Second, keep your camera warm. With the frigid weather and short light duration suitable for shoot, you must bow to time and act promptly. Do not take your camera out from your clothes until you need it.

2.     Spare Battery
In cold environment, the battery energy will reduce, even lose function. So you’d better prepare a spare battery. Even if you don’t prepare it, you can take off the battery from the camera and warm it in your bosom before usage.

3.     Pay Attention to Your Skin
When photographing, do not let the frozen metal part touch with your skin and do not exhale facing the camera.

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